Supergirl #21 Review

Supergirl #21

Written by: Michael Alan Nelson
Art by: Diogenes Neves and Richard Bonk

Not all too sure that I feel impressed with this new story taking place. Everything up to now has been very exciting, and now that they take a step back with her story everything has fallen flat. We all know she has been dying, and has been dying for some time now. It seems as though they don’t know what they’re doing on that end and that would have been a great focus to drive her character rather than still feeling alone.

There’s isn’t much to say that is all too exciting about the plot. We know that she’s being manipulated, and again using the idea that she can recreate Krypton when by now she should be over such hopes. It’s really lacking any believable character development because since she arrived there has been no signs of maturity. The one redeemable part of this story was her argument with Siobhan, because that is something which should be pushing her character for something productive, but still it’s nothing new that we read before which is used as a crutch to push her away from something more appealing.

Overall I think that Supergirl had a good thing going for her on Earth despite anything that was used to get her away. The whole storyline so far feels like a cop out from what she could have been rather than what’s happening to her now. The art work is decent, wouldn’t say it has been all that great compared to past issues, but that’s about it.

Score: 6.8/10