Harbinger #13

Written by: Joshua Dysart
Art by: Khari Evans and Trevor Hairsine

A great tie-in to the Harbinger Wars crossover event. It gives us a different perspective on what is going on in that event with a few parts that was not seen in the recent issue of Harbinger Wars. H.A.R.D. Corps arrives and puts a dent in their plans and everything goes wrong when they feel like they’re fighting to different battles at once. It’s nice to see how they react in this kind of situation because this is not something they were prepared for and Dysart shows this through their fear and mishaps.

The whole situation is interesting because they all have the same goals in mind yet are unaware that Bloodshot is not really their enemy. It creates unnecessary tension between everyone which makes it exciting because now there’s more at stake than just what each were fighting for. While this issue has shown us a bit more than what has occurred in the crossover, we are still left with anticipation of what’s to come next in Las Vegas because we’ve only seen the start of something bigger to come.

Aside from all of this it’s interesting to see the secret of Toyo Harada’s first Harbinger War, of course we don’t know the exact secret but what we’ve seen so far is intense. It just might be the key to ending this war.

All in all it’s entertaining to see how this team handles the situation when they face someone well out of their league. You can see their inexperience throughout the whole issue as some of them still do not know the extent of their powers while caused either failures or slight loss of control. I like the bold use of colors, along with their use of lights and shadows even though it can be more consistent. This is a dire situation which should hopefully bring out the best in everyone.

Score: 8.4/10