Injustice Gods Among Us #24

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Mike S. Miller

The kid gloves have now come off. Not just for Tom Taylor but Superman in general. We knew he was going to reach this point and it surely wasn’t disappointing to see him finally let loose. It was a bone chilling moment as you knew that Kalibak was going to bite the dust for crossing the man of steel. You just knew that not a single invader was going to walk out alive for this. You would probably find yourself cheering for Superman even if he is out of character.

Characterization has been the most exciting part of this book. Not just because the action or the character development that I’ve pointed out previously, but as you can see this challenges the status quo for heroes. Most DC heroes don’t kill, that is something emphasized consistently and when up against the wall they always question how far they will go to protect the innocent people. They ask how many must die because they want to save their humanity. Superman in many interpretations has always avoided killing knowing that once he does he will find it too easy to do again. Tom Taylor has managed to capture that very Superman that decides to find a permanent solution to problems instead of slapping a band-aid on it. That is what this issue had shown as Kalibak mocked Superman for being that type of person, only to be shocked as to the Superman he was confronting this time around.

So all in all loving the direction. The kid gloves have come off and Tom Taylor has taken Superman to a place he cannot return from. What comes next will be his defining moments because as the next book shows the world will love him for the stance he has taken, no matter how aggressive he may seem to others. Now we see the fallout which is that divide as to what is justified of a hero and who is willing to do what has to be done to dispose of a life in order to save many. The art style continues to keep the book balancing both style and substance. Something you have to give credit where credit is due, this issue especially looking quite colorful if I might say.

Score: 9.5/10