All New X-Men #13

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Stuart Immonen
The Phoenix returns again? Oh boy, how will Bendis explain this one. Again another solid issue of All New X-Men as the original X-Men are seeing the harsh future and reality in front of them. It’s fun to see how everything has changed up to this point and get their reactions from it. It’s like another perspective, and surprisingly theirs seem to be more clear than the adults. A big difference set by Bendis which adds for interesting conversations as to the statue of the mutant issue in the world and their overall progress.

What I really liked in this issue is the political viewpoints on Havok’s speech getting a response from others. It seems that with the exception of Wolverine, no one is too happy with how he thinks the word mutant should be used. It really shows that bridge between all the X titles and this is something that will build into something more down the road. Again Bendis shows his knowledge of the X-Men from how he characterizes all of them. No stone seems to be unturned between attitudes, witty dialogue, fears, and so forth. Even as we know what Mystique is up to, there is still the question of her end goals when she reaches that point.

It really feels like another X-Men book that stands on its own. Sure it connects to the rest, but they face their own obstacles and as usual with any X-Men team, nothing is ever certain to go their way as we see a now rampaging Jean Grey under the influence of the Phoenix. I do have to say that it is a questionable move by Bendis. You have to ask yourself how he will explain this because the Phoenix is dead, unless he will leave that answer up to the mysteries of time, which would be a bit disappointing. Aside from this the coloring and inking is solid and remains consistent.

Score: 8.1/10