Iron Man #12

Written by: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Dale Eaglesham

The Secret Origin of Tony Stark continues as Gillen concludes Howard Stark’s fight to protect Tony while he is born. There was action, mystery, and emotion. Couldn’t ask for a better combination and Gillen was able to deliver on every part of the story. While this was the story we never saw coming, it’s shaping up to be a story that we remember and which hopefully has some impact on the rest of the world down the road.

What I like so far is that even as a story focused on science, it’s still surrounded with so much mystery. It’s an untold story on top of a question of 451′s intentions. We know what he desires, but that’s never quite it and somehow you know there’s still something else he isn’t saying. The way his character is thinks is brilliant because he masks lies with a smile and is so good at telling you what you want or need to hear. It’s clever for him and clever writing by Kieron Gillen. She is even able to shock you with how easy it is for him to kill someone with little to no regret as long as it’s for the greater good. Always appreciated to question how far one would go in such situations.

Of course you could argue that the fight felt a bit too easy or rushed, it’s a conflicted feeling about it. When you really consider the possibilities of what happened it really is as simple as it was executed, both by Howard and Gillen. Both Howard and 451 are geniuses and it’s believable that they are capable of thinking up such a plan and thinking of every scenario to cover up their tracks.

Overall it is one of the most thought out plots I’ve seen in a while and everything just makes sense the way each occurrence plays out. We are now learning things about Tony that you’d normally just ignore for the fact that he’s a genius, yet now there seems to be a reason for everything that has either happened in his life or that makes him who he is today. If you fell off of the Iron Man books during the God Killer storyline, I’d highly recommend you not give up on the books so early because you are missing a story worth reading.

Score: 8.6/10