Venom #37

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Kim Jacinto

A step down from the previous issue and a bit more focused on finding Lord Orge. It wasn’t all too bad, but whatever momentum the story seemed to be picking up has been lost. I wish I knew what Bunn’s intentions are at the moment, but it honestly feels as though this is being dragged out longer than it should.

It was entertaining to see Venom handle these various and random villains who have come for his head, though the fight was a bit chaotic. Couldn’t tell whether it was just the layout or the art, but it looked like a mess and it made things very hard to follow. Found Blood Spider, Death Shield and Jagged Bow to be interesting characters, though the inclusion of Constrictor and Mr Deathstrike was a bit much. Overall there are too many villains being thrown into this story and I’d very much like for there to be a clear direction this is heading in.

As much as I find the story interesting so far, the art in this issue was very lazy. It was something I liked with previous issues though Kim Jacinto’s facial expressions and character designs overall come off very awkward. Between the over extended nose, mouth, and some movements just looked stiff. Just made it hard to ignore it and focus on everything else.

Decent issue, definitely could have been better. I expected things to progress a bit faster, but too much time was wasted with the reporter just to simply ask her for help. It was made into something nigger than it really needed to be and it took away from the real conflict in finding Lord Ogre. Unless she’s actually helping, I find Katy to be in the way. Hopefully that doesn’t become a big issue down the road, but it also doesn’t seem that

Score: 6.9/10