The Shadow #15

Written by: Chris Roberson
Art by: Giovanni Timpano

The hunt for The Light continues! And if I might say this is one hell of a goose chase for this mysterious woman. I do have to say that she is one of the most appealing villains I’ve seen The Shadow take on. She’s doesn’t fall into that cliché of those who all want power or money. She is literally someone who challenges everything that The Shadow stands for and that’s what makes this story intense. This is one book worth picking up if you do not know who The Shadow is by now.

Chris Roberson has created a good pace creating the chase for The Light, slowly revealing her past, and giving us some idea of her real intentions that it seems everyone else is missing. Because from an outside perspective we understand her more and that’s why everyone so easily overlooks the fact that Esclarmonde is right under their noses. Enough so that Miss Lane has thrown herself under her radar. What I’m finding fun about this book is that it’s treated as it is, which is a detective book. It hasn’t strayed from that focus and I personally enjoy seeing how Cranston pulls together his “resources”.

Seeing the difference between Cranston and The Shadow really does make all the difference. In this issue the way The Shadow appeared to question those three guys was one of the reasons I enjoy this book. His monologue is so unique to him and it only adds to the fear that he puts into people with only his appearance. This and his laugh which is randomly placed. In general Roberson knows how to create that balance between both personas and they are almost like two people on their own. If you read this book already, you have to admit he makes a better Batman being his influence.

Another solid issue as tensions are rising. Enjoyed every second reading this and the dark layout makes the tone convincing when the story itself does that well enough. Feels like a detective story, looks like one and is such a thrilling story so far while it’s only getting better. This story keeps you anticipating what comes next and the next issue is something to look forward to.

Score: 8.4/10