Obsidian Wishes to Make Another ‘Fallout’; Needs Bethesda’s Approval

Chris Avellone, Obsidian Entertainment chief creative officer, said the developer is still interested in the Fallout series, but they need a thumbs-up from Bethesda.

During an interview with Gameranx about Project Eternity, a game currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Avellone said, “All of the Fallout stuff is up to them. While we would love to do another Fallout game again, that is totally up to them.”

It seems this desire still has not died to retread the Wasteland. Feargus Urquhart, CEO of Obsidian, expressed similar feelings to make another Fallout game akin to Fallout: New Vegas in mid-February. Although Bethesda stated they weren’t showing “Fallout 4″ at E3, a report stated the game was shown privately at E3 this year.

Whether or not Obsidian is developing it, all of the signs point to gamers likely getting their hands on a new Fallout game sometime in the near future. Perhaps a next-gen Fallout?