America’s Got Powers #6

Written by: Jonathan Ross
Art by: Bryan Hitch
The world is on the brink of war, and all for the chance to take advantage of the powers these gifted possess. Jonathan Ross has paced this story out brilliantly as even though it’s not perfect, it doesn’t wander off too far from what the main progression is. He took the concept of how people who are different are treated and made a spectacle out of it. One which would create a conflict which would eventually blow up the way it has now.

Jonathan Ross really does show his interest in Tommy, pushing him to the brink and back. Made him someone who is believable as the focal point of the plot. I also like how someone such as Handler has really taken the form of the villain. While you see the government and House trying to decide on whether to just wipe out all of San Francisco, Handler is the one who is really trying to get her hands on the power they have. She’s completely motivated by greed and cares not for the lives she has to go through for it. Jonathan Ross created that character that you just can’t help but hate because of her arrogance. You hope something bad will happen to her, though from the looks of it she might have a little more fight in her than expected.

I will say that the only thing I didn’t care for was the dream that Tommy had. It was short-lived and I find what was happening in reality to have been more important to cover than wasting time on it. That’s unless that dream could be the possible future Tommy sees, but at this moment it is irrelevant and could have been used for more depth as to the situation in the stadium.

Being the second to last issue of this book, everything has led to that final moment and you can only hope that it delivers on what will be the defining moment of the story. What comes next is something you want to look forward to and the best way for this story to end is for Ross to turn that dial up and make everything that has happened up to this point mean something.

Score: 8.1/10