Nightwing #22

Written by: Kyle Higgins
Art by: Will Conrad

Well that escalated quickly. It seems that The Prankster has taken playing Robin Hood to a whole new level. When they question why vigilantes aren’t allowed in Chicago, it’s very hard to dispute this when you take things as far as the Prankster has. Kyle Higgins has managed to consistently up the stakes of this fight where something very simple could become more complex than intended in the blink of an eye.

The Prankster has managed to make a great villain so far. Not as someone who is doing more harm than good, but someone who believes he has the best of intentions yet is going about it all wrong. He is that distraction that makes the story more intense than it really is. Where things would be linear, he adds that obstacle which makes Nightwing’s goals that much harder to achieve. It’s a smart move that keeps the story appealing and from making it short-lived. If anything he adds that element of shock and surprise, something that I felt from this issue when he broke out.

The layout for this issue was very well done. The transitions were very well placed, smooth, and the structure of it all felt different yet interesting. Overall I really like the use of shadows and highlights, they make everything pop out which is what I come to expect when reading Nightwing. With that said, his movements were very fluent which made the fights entertaining.

A solid issue that managed to escalate the plot suddenly yet in a way that added that flare or intensity that it needed. It’s safe to say that we might be hitting the climax of this story and it hasn’t disappointed yet. Hopefully that remains the verdict till the end of this arc because it’s is a nice change-up from what we are used to which is what this whole storyline seems to impose.

Score: 8.8/10