Uncanny X-Men #8

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Chris Bachalo

Things are back on track to say the least. Up to now Bendis has taken the time to basically put a band-aid on everything that needed to be addressed up to this point since the conclusion of AvX. He did a great job of this too and now with most of this , the story is allowed room to progress which is all you could ask for at this point.

If anything Bendis has shown that he understands the mutant situation and shows this better than most at the moment. Mostly done through Fabio, the one new mutant who found it hardest to adjust to a new life. If you want to show someone how to be proud of who they are then you must first make them feel bad for what they are. This is what happened to Fabio and for the best. Exposing people like him and David to the ignorance of humans is the best way to portray what most have to deal with and the global mindset that they are trying to change.

What I really enjoyed was the mutual bond that Magneto and Cyclops have at this moment. Though there is a lack of trust and frustration between them, they find that common ground in what they are striving for. I think most of us can say that we were expecting them to duke it out in this issue, and it’s even better that they didn’t. It was an inevitable moment that was coming from the start though was something you had to anticipate because both can lose their tempers very fast. With that said, it has to be the most important part so far as it’s the beginning of their progress to regain control of both this situation and their powers.

Aside from the story, the coloring was what I really liked. Between the gradients and blending, it had it’s own unique look to it. I really have come to enjoy the back and forth between Bachalo and Irving thus far.

Score: 7.7/10