Young Avengers #7

Written by: Dennis Hopeless
Art by: Kev Walker

A solid issue, nothing really stuck out like the previous issues though it still managed to be just as funny at certain parts. Young Avengers continues to be that light-hearted book that you should pick up if you want to be entertained by something with a little more energy put into it. Some parts did feel as though they were unnecessary like the first half with the shape shifters. You would actually think it was leading up to something important, but it just seemed like filler for what they had been doing that whole time in space.

Personally I find it kinda hard to care for the “love is fake” subplot that’s being pushed. Not that I don’t care for Hulkling or Wiccan, but it feels as if anything involving their relationship is being forced when it should be the last of their concern. Compared to everything else occurring right now it means little.

Being that they’re Young Avengers and Prodigy was an X-Men, it was nice how Gillen was able to ease him into their part of the story. It was going to happen either way, though you had to question just how he would make his way to them or even contact them. It should be an interesting team up because like he said at the end this isn’t the kind of stuff he likes to do anymore, but that just may change for him depending on how this rescue plays out.

Aside from this the book still shows a lot of potential when it comes to what these characters are capable of. Miss Chavez apparently can do a little more than just punch and kick, while Loki as per usual still has many tricks up his sleeve which he’s hiding. Story-wise, it is still the one book out there which can be serious yet doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Score: 7.9/10