The Shadow – Green Hornet – Dark Nights #1

Written by: Michael Uslan
Art by: Keith Burns

A team-up that was bound to happen and couldn’t have come at a better time with the conclusion of Masks. I would say that I was hoping for the story to take place a bit later than Masks given they all revealed each others identities, but it doesn’t hurt the story as much as you’d think.

It was a decent build up to what is to come of them taking action against this threat that has put the world on the brink of war. A bit too wordy for my taste. I do have to say that more than half the time I was very bored with the dialogue and what I really wanted was to see Cranston and Reid stand out as who I knew them to be. To sum it up I’d say that the politics of it all was dragged on to the point that the story started to fall flat. With that said, it did pick up halfway through which did redeem it when the wheels were finally put into motion for the plot to begin.

Not to say the art was bad, but neither was it exactly what I expected from this book. I felt that it really didn’t capture the story it was trying to tell. Just wasn’t all too appealing when I was trying to get through all the dialogue which had already dragged on.

The story has potential, that much I can say. Maybe this issue didn’t show all of it, but the way it ended at least gives you some promise of how the story will play out and that is something worth reading. Good, could be better, but decent start all the same.

Score: 7.3/10