Injustice Gods Among Us #27

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Jheremy Raapack

The mind games start to unravel, something we should expect more from this book.I will say that this issue gave me mixed feelings about certain aspects of the story. Where some parts were well executed, others felt as if they were being forced.

Previously we would have actually assumed that Hawkgirl was Hawkgirl since up until now Batman still hadn’t made her act against Superman. Though even while being the case it is a smart move by Taylor to let something like this slip through the cracks and resurface that issue when the time presented itself. Martian Manhunter was really the last person you’d expect to find himself caught in the midst of this conflict. Though when you find out its him it makes sense.

When I say that some part felt forced, I’m referring to the relationship between Batman and Damian. You don’t get that feeling as if you really care for it because you see the sincerity from everyone else, yet Batman is just being Batman. We get it that he’s dark and gloomy, which was pointed out, but even with that said it makes that sub story fall flat. You just want them to forgive each other and move on which still wouldn’t be the case knowing what happens down the road before getting to this book. Damian’s outburst also felt forced and he definitely is a bit too strong as a kid to be able to throw Alfred so far back while questioning Hawkgirl’s strength.

This change in art style I find actually fitting to the story. It makes the story look more serious which is how it should be taken. The thin lining and dark tones add to this as well.

Solid issue despite those few quirks. It’s still something that needs to be addressed even if it is something that you might not find as interesting. To put it simply you could just say that it’s all in the execution which would have made you look past how those moments fell flat. Still what comes next involving the “super pills” is something to anticipate because it is a great way to shift the direction of the story.

Score: 8.0/10