Wonder Woman #22

Written by: Brian Azzarello
Art by: Cliff Chiang

Wonder Woman has definitely proved to be that story which makes you appreciate the mythological side of DC. The myth surrounding her and those around her. The one thing I do like about this storyline are the supporting characters. This and having a villain that’s really worth the time put into confronting. As the First Born, he really does bring that intensity of a conflict between powerful beings.

Orion has become that one character that you can’t help but like. In this issue especially because of the time taken to flesh out his character and give you a reason to care for him. He’s not like other New Gods and unlike them he has vision on top of having something to prove to himself and his father. He’s an internally conflicted character and that allows a lot of room to explore his capabilities. He’s also very brash and that does go well in dynamic with Wonder Woman.

Like I mentioned before, the First Born remains a villain that brings something to the table. Opened a boom tunnel, killed Lennox, and now wants to be king of Earth. Reasons pile on for there to be that final fight which we can only expect to be big given the powerhouses involved.

It’s issues like this that makes me agree with the consensus that Wonder Woman is one of the best that DC has to offer. Brian Azzarello really shows his understanding of Wonder Woman and her lore. Personally I found myself very drawn in when Highfather was explaining what New Genesis. I wouldn’t say it’s just because of this part here that made me appreciate the mythological aspects more, the accompaniment of the style made it look so exciting. Though it was a step down from all the action leading up to this issue, the context I find to be very important here. That and the ending makes you really want to know how they get out of this situation they find themselves in as they confront the First Born.

Score: 8.6/10