For those who like to go the long wolf route when playing games, Bethesda has stated on Elder Scrolls Online’s official blog it will appeal to both solo players and those who play in packs.

In a Q & A post on the blog, one questions asked, “In the previous Elder Scrolls games, we always had the ability to wander into a cave, old fort, or sunken boat to explore, plunder, and pillage. With ESO being an MMO, will we still have the ability to do this in a solo-encounter type situation where we don’t run into any other players, or will we be seeing other players and having to wait for enemies/loot to spawn, or will these all only be group encounters?”

“The Elder Scrolls Online is set up to be a fluid experience,” Bethesda replied. “As you wander the landscape you’ll encounter caves, forts, tombs, dungeons, and etc. Certain rare locales will just be for solo players, and some dungeons are meant for groups made only of people you choose to go in with. Most locales, however, will be accessible by everyone. Some might be too dangerous for you because of your current level, but you can always come back when you are more powerful if you want to complete them solo.”

If you want to get a better idea of how The Elder Scrolls Online will work, Bethesda is sending out beta invitations now.

Elder Scrolls Online will release for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in the first half of 2014.