Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #25

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Dave Marquez

Just when you think this couldn’t get anymore emotional, Bendis manages to throw you for a loop yet again. This issue is all about picking up the pieces. Not to say Miles hasn’t been for some time now, but this was that moment we have been waiting for in which he realizes what’s really important. It was inevitable and the pressure was put on Miles to finally grow up.

Everything about Ultimate Spider-Man was Miles going through what Peter did to become Spider-Man. To live up to the name when the world needs one. I really do like Bendis’ approach to showing Miles just how important Spider-Man is to people. The imprint he left in these people’s lives when he was still alive himself. He didn’t waste any time either having him fall apart which is what other writers have a tendency to fail doing. If anything, to this Universe, Spider-Man seems to be a beacon of hope. Something you would have never considered till now and it makes his character so much more valued.

Bendis as well has really separated this Cloak and Dagger from their 616 counterpart. He was very quick to put these two into a position where they made that transition into superheroes. The way he approached their origins as well was more believable given how their powers came about compared to Miles and Jessica Drew. I personally can’t wait to see what happens when they actually team up because it seems very possible.

This was definitely an emotional roller-coaster. Things that Peter suffered over the course of years, Miles is going through in such a short period of time and that creates an intensity that Bendis managed to pull off. Now that this downward spiral is handled, Miles can now move on to something real which will have an impact on the Ultimate Universe as a whole. What he and Jess will do first is still in question though the team-up should be exciting.

Score: 8.9/10