Thor God of Thunder #10

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Esad Ribic

Part four of “God Bomb” and this story never ceases to amaze. Of the Marvel NOW! books this has proved to be one which delivers on action, story, and motives. It really is a driven story which hasn’t strayed from its course since it started and that is something which I enjoy about this book. Not only it’s great pacing, but continuous momentum as the activation of the God Bomb spells the end for all gods who are on the slave planet.

You see everyone effected by this, not just the Thors. It’s a race against time and the cards are stacked against everyone as no one is willing to go down without a fight. It is the conviction that drives everyone and that is what makes this intense because it creates so much conflict in belief. It’s certainly seen from Thor’s granddaughters as they are the ones orchestrating the revolt and like their grand father they do not give up so easily.

Gorr’s story up to now has been done brilliantly. A man so devout in his belief that gods are the root of the evil which plagues man that he eventually becomes the one thing he despises. He doesn’t realize this, but of course the only way to put an end to gods is to become one yourself. That is something most of us would have forgotten up to now, yet now was the perfect time of realization. He has killed his wife for viewing him as one and now he has lost his son’s faith for losing what made him so admirable.

This was a truly powerful issue which has shown what we do love most about not only Thor, but his lore as well. What we love is that even when he seems defeated, he will come back. Sounds cliche, yet handled correctly like this very moment and it makes all the difference. This is a tale of gods which I find to be very memorable and the cliff hanger it ended on was a great one knowing that the next issue is the conclusion.

Score: 9.0/10