Now I personally was already having problems with Batman Inc. after Damian’s death, but now recent news has given me more so which I feel deserves some sort of explanation. On my end that is because I feel a bit cheated as a reader. Of course I also have to add spoilers ahead if you don’t want to know what it is I’m giving my opinion on.

Someone quoted from the DC101 panel that “Damian is dead. But he’s a clone. This was made clear. How do you get another clone? Find out at the end of Batman Inc. #13.” I feel as though this is a HUGE slap in the face. I anticipated that they would try to bring him back, but was this the best they could do? I wanted something that would make me forgive them for such a sudden demise of a fan favorite. That is not what I’m getting here when I read something like that. Clones would make sense given the last issue, but I wouldn’t believe they’d go so far as to make that their reason for him still being alive. So much potential that was just thrown away for something we’d throw our money away out of curiosity.

As I have said before, when Damian came along, it felt that there wasn’t another Robin for the sake of it. They were looking for something that made sense. Someone who was closely linked to Batman and had actually shown the potential to succeed him if possible. It was a believable addition which made it all the more upsetting for his death. I certainly felt as if I was taken advantage of when they thought this was a good move on their part. Everything since his death has felt forced with the timing and I just feel that I have no reason to care for the story anymore. I like Damian, but what they are doing is killing my interest in him. Where I said they may have been using this whole storyline as shock value is now definitely the case. It’s disappointing and they are just toying with the rules of death to keep a story going with no importance in sight.

Right now I care more for Damian: Son of Batman more because I don’t feel like they are taking advantage of my reaction to Damian’s death in the main canon. I feel that if I read that story now I’d feel more emotion than what they are putting into Batman Incorporated at this moment. In fact just about every other book showing the fallout of Damian’s death has held more emotional weight than the actual book which it occurred in. That is disappointing when you think about it.

I don’t know really, could I be overreacting? Of course, but they haven’t given me or others a reason not to. We like Damian, but if you’re going to bring him back, lets not leave the answer to clones, they can do better than that.