Suicide Squad #25 Review

Suicide Squad #25

Written by: Matt Kindt
Art by: Patrick Zircher

Suicide Squad proves to be a fun tie in to Forever Evil. It’s such books as this where the world has been turned upside down that you can really take advantage of what the character are capable of when able to let loose a bit. The Thinker has taken over Belle Reve, and he’s formed the Reverse Suicide Squad. Matt Kindt’s choice for this team is clever knowing that they are for the most part very strong heroes and the Suicide Squad is well, pretty outmatched in terms of strength.

What’s so great about this book is that issues like this show you just how unpredictable the story can be. Nothing is ever really as it seems and it is always able to catch you off guard by some of the character’s decisions. If you weren’t aware of the type of person Waller is by now, this issue made clear of this. The secrets she keeps, the emotions she tries to hide, the overall authority that is hard for anyone to ignore unless they know her well. She has been unknown for the longest time, mainly about her past, and it’s inevitable that we get to see her look through the many doors she has closed that house things that should never see the light of day again.

Suicides Squad is one of the many books out there that really gains something from its ties to Forever Evil. Seeing the evils that resurface and what that means for this world when majority of the heroes are MIA. It’s clever that Kindt takes this opportunity to remind us of how unpredictable Harley can be. In fact it is something he emphasizes heavily through Thinker. That is something to look forward to because anything can happen when it’s involving her. Aside from this Patrick Zircher brings back that style which makes this book feel so grim, yet thrilling. The darkness in everyone’s expressions and the action scenes that makes this high-octane.

Score: 8.5/10