Greenlight Spotlight: Strike Vector

Aerial combat games are usually few and far between, so it is pleasing to see Strike Vector Team develop an impressively designed aerial combat game. Strike Vector has been created by four dedicated indie developers and is an intense, multiplayer third / first person air combat game, with a distinct old school feel, reminiscent to games such as Crimson Skies, Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament.

Your vehicle of destruction is the Vector, the latest hyper-speed VTOL with highly customizable options and a maneuverable Jet fighter that allows you to switch between two movement modes. The first being Jet mode; allowing you to reach high-speed, intercept opponents and to evade incoming projectiles. The second mode is stationary mode which provides you with more control; allowing you increased precision, and to hold and defend key locations.

The customization options are enormous, with hundreds of combinations available to outfit your ship to your suited style of play. Whether that be a fast and stealthy Vector to capture positions, or build a heavy and powerful Vector to defend strategic points. You can also customize your ship appearance with skin decorations and gadgets to make your ship look even more beastly.

The environments consist of huge combat arenas where your skills and reflexes will be heavily tested. Destructive objects litter the arena, allowing deadly explosions or to block/open passages with giant cargos or pressure vessels to aid your fight. The environments also suit the risky type of player, using tight spaces to evade homing missiles or persistent enemies.

Strike Vector also has several game modes, with classic death match, domination and race mode being the only ones we know about at this time.

The Strike Vector Team really look like they have come up with a brilliant aerial combat game which is currently being voted by the Steam Greenlight community. You can vote for Strike Vector here, with the game set to be released on PC.