Injustice Gods Among Us #28

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Tom Derenick

True colors start to show as trust is on the table. Trust that Batman has now lost with not only the Justice League, but the whole world as well. Tom Taylor has turned this conflict into a tug of war. One which both sides refuse to give up an inch no matter what they have to do to stay ahead.

Superman did what Batman fears more than anything else. He took away Batman’s anonymity, the one thing that can put the Dark Knight on the edge. Was it right to put Batman in that situation? It’s debatable, but in this very case Tom has created that situation in which they are both forcing each others hands to hurt the other in a way they can take control. Really it was a no brainer for Superman to take this action because like Robin said, Batman knows everything about them, every detail, and would use that knowledge against them if they gave him the room. Losing his anonymity not only made sure he couldn’t act on that knowledge, but also has now put a target on his back since now he’s been branded as a traitor.

Again I do like Robin’s role in this story so far. Superman knows Batman better than the rest of the heroes, but Robin knows Batman better than just bout everyone else. This creates that leveled playing field where no matter how far Batman thinks ahead, Robin knows well enough not to let the rest fall for his traps. You do see that devotion that he shows to opposing Batman and it’s that kind of attitude that makes this convincing because it’s really not like every other story out there where the heroes turn against each other over how to do their job. Everyone has to have their motivations and Robin has shown his since the minute the choice was presented to him.

Personally I found the part with Alfred to be very touching to say the least. This issue really questioned people’s trust, and Alfred is one who you just can’t question because of his loyalty to Bruce. To still stick with him even knowing his life is now in danger. It was funny as well to see he actually put himself on the list as if he’s an object, let alone number one on the list.

For context alone this was a great issue that furthers along the progression of the story. This is what I like to see from this book for the fact that it’s not always fighting. There’s just as much challenging of each others intelligence which is appreciated when those moments such as this show how tactical they can be knowing what each other are capable of.

Score: 8.5/10