Injustice Gods Among Us #29 Review

Injustice Gods Among Us #29

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Mike S. Miller

Just when you think you couldn’t get any more excited for what Injustice has to offer, you get something like this. What’s different about this issue is that we saw the end at the very beginning, something which made me very invested in the story this one had to tell. When you see Superman about to blast Wonder Woman, only thing you have to question is what Batman must have done to force this situation.

I love how even in defeat, Batman still causes enough trouble for the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman. You see how willing he is to cross that line to show that he is right in this situation. Enough so that he seems to find everyone against him expendable. Now who’s to say he is wrong when they took his life, but the issue certainly pushes that question of morality when faced with the right way to save the world. At this point you can say that both sides are wrong even though they are fighting for the right reasons. There’s just that balance in writing that allows the reader to pick a side, and as I mentioned before, no one will be wrong.

The writing of Wonder Woman has been the one thing that sticks out to me the most in this book. Where you sometimes feel as though it’s Superman vs Batman. she still has such a presence that you would believe it’s two on one. I mean right now I’d be more afraid of her because she is the most vocal on their stance and the one who is putting the fear into those that oppose them. To actually allow Superman to burn her in order to get Martian Manhunter out of her, I could actually say that I felt the pain she was going through. The art style of Mike Miller is just that detailed that the expressions they display are believable.

As the last issue had shown, and as this issue shows, things are progressively picking up in intensity and who knows what the other will do next knowing there just is no trust. This could have easily been where it ends to have them go their own ways, but having Batman at the center of this ensures that there can only be one victor in the end and only one person can be right.

Score: 8.3/10