Batman Incorporated #13

Written by: Grant Morrison
Art by: Chris Burnham
The moment has finally come, and that moment was surely anti-climatic. Just like the build up to this point I felt nothing and this issue left me feeling the same way.

The motivations behind this whole plot really was disappointing. You could debate this, but on top of the fact that the Damian who died is probably a clone, I truly felt as if this wasn’t worth the shock I initially felt which started it all. You pretty much knew Batman was going to win in the end, nonetheless with the aid of his teammates. This story, all of it was really just another cliche to show the will that Batman carries which is something we are all aware of at this point. Sure the little twist at the end did take me by surprise, though that was it. Even knowing what it all leads to at the very end, no surprise there and only left me with more regret for following the story through.

Back to the art of this book, in this issue, the style was a huge turn off. I felt so distracted from the exaggeration of the brutal nature they tried to display. You look at this battered Batman and all the dis-figuration in his face, it’s really unnecessary and sloppy. I wouldn’t ask for clean, but I would at least expect something real when it has to do with Batman.

Overall it was the conclusion we needed, but not the one we deserved. It could have been a whole lot better and I can only hope that they can turn things around after this story arc because there is just no appeal to it.

Score: 5.9/10