Trinity of Sin: Pandora #2

Written by: Ray Fawkes
Art by: Daniel Sampere

Though I did find myself having some trouble caring for Pandora up to now, I do have to say this issue changed that. What really needed to be addressed was what she was capable of. Everyone has made a big deal out of her and the box, but you only ever saw what threat the box was. It was good that Fawkes changed this and did so with the second issue.

This was the best point for Fawkes to draw the line in the sand with Pandora and did just that. You would have thought she’s genuinely good, but you question her when she shows how far she’s willing to go to get what she wants. Has good intentions, but her way of going about it is aggressive. It was shocking to see not only what she did to Giganta, but what she allowed the box to do to Savage. It makes you wonder what happened to everyone else she said who touched it and failed. Trial and error with such a destructive item doesn’t seem all too heroic. So it gives you that sense of anticipation to see how she handles things when she gets what she wants, if she does that is.

The one problem I still do find is what part the evils from the box really play in all of this. Yes we know that they corrupted humanity and still do, but as individuals what are they doing that is affecting this war right now. All we see from them is concern that Pandora wants to put them back in the box

Score: 8.0/10