X-Men #3

Written by: Brian Wood
Art by: Oliver Coipel

The most natural X-Men title ongoing at this moment. This is that standalone book which shows the classic X-Men when they aren’t dealing with the stresses of the world around them. As the women of the X-Men again they show that gender means nothing, it’s what they stand for and they kicked ass doing so.

Akrea was a great villain to bring into this story because she is a threat they have not faced before. This put them in a situation where there were stakes in defeating her and it demanded them working as a team. While speaking of them as a team its brilliant story writing on Wood’s end to be able to show how differently they react to situations. This is bearing in mind that like Storm said, they aren’t an official team. They’ve been fighting on different ends of the X-Men’s world and that means that they are not all on the same wavelength as we see.

I do have to say that I expected a bigger confrontation with Akrea, even see exactly what Karima did to herself, but can’t have everything. Overall it was a great conclusion to the introduction of what could be a great team. They have the dynamic, motivation, and this book is already impressive for bringing back some characters that we have felt were neglected up to this point. Hopefully some of those characters and students have more time to shine in the near future.

Score: 8.3/10