The Movement #4 Review

The Movement #4

Written by: Gail Simone
Art by: Freddie Williams II

If you wanted a reason to care for this new cast of heroes, now you have your reason to do so. Up to now the foundation of the story has been laid down and that is something I’d rather see first than the usual character introductions in the beginning.

The one thing that has kept readers who have picked up this story from investing their time in it was the need to feel some attachment to the characters. Patience as I always say, knowing that the writer will always come around to what makes these characters tick. Gail Simone did just that here because the one thing we needed most at this point was motivations. Answers to what pushes this group to do what they do, to question why they put their lives in danger knowing that the people in power are the ones who are supposed to be protecting them. Biggest shock is knowing that the one person who this group thought was questionable, was really more trustworthy than the one who was pointing fingers.

This story yet again is one that is underrated and has a lot of potential. 4 issues in and I can already see that this book can go the distance if given the chance. It’s a street level story and it’s different from most other books that readers expose themselves to in the DC Universe. Filled with tragedy, emotion, and driven by the prospect of a better tomorrow for people who can’t defend themselves from the corruption that surrounds them.

Score: 8.5/10