Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #11

Written by: J.M. Dematteis
Art by: Fernando Blanco

Probably one of the most touching stories to come from the Trinity War. Might be the most emotional part yet that we will run into and it has only begun. Not a problem at all because we already know how this all ends, it’s about what happens in between.

Knowing that what ties into the Trinity War will be chalk full of action, it is expected to get something that is a bit down to Earth. I think this is as close as you could get and this was amazing. I felt the emotion put into this, not only from Batman, but from everyone involved. Seeing how close of a bond Batman really has to Superman that he would go to such lengths to clear his name. Seeing what really lies within their souls as heaven had shown them what they truly dreamed for.

The way this issue was handled is just brilliant. Someone had pointed out earlier that they were disappointed because there hasn’t been that “war” yet, but I don’t think it’s all to necessary to press towards rather than the journey to that point. This issue shows what can come out of this story internally because it’s not just a fight about who was right, it’s about fighting to stop something which is toying with who they are as people. It started with Superman, and now all three Justice League teams are at each others throats. It’s a losing battle and right now we’re just seeing how far they’ll fall before it ends.

Score: 9.0/10