Harbinger #15

Written by: Joshua Dysart
Art by: Stefano Guandiano

If there was ever a way to give you joy and strip it from you all in one instance, Joshua Dysart has accomplished this. After the conclusion to the Harbinger Wars you wondered where this group would end up and for once they are actually taking advantage of what life has to offer them. I came into Harbinger hearing how amazing it was, and at this point I feel that it is brilliant, Joshua is brilliant in his execution.

I never would have expected Kris to play such a key role in this issue. You knew in the pit of your heart that no matter how hopeful things seemed for everyone that something bad was going to happen. You were left with subtle hints as to things that could happen, but you could never put your finger on it knowing the suspense was slowly building up. This is a story of tragedy, and I think we all fell for that trap thinking that this might be something peaceful. When you can feel so shocked losing a character the way we did and find yourself loving it? You have pulled off something great because I see nothing but tears of joy from people who have read this as well.

No words can really explain how you’d feel after reading this issue. The happiness was there, the emotion, the heartbreak, the shock. You just could not have seen this coming when you initially picked up this issue. Whatever this leads to, you will find yourself engaged in the story because if Joshua has not gotten your attention with that last act, you have to question if you have a soul. If you aren’t reading this book right now, you are seriously missing out.

Score: 10/10