Uncanny X-Men #10 Review

Uncanny X-Men #10

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Frazer Irving
Things got ugly very fast for Summers and his crew. It’s a noticable yet appreciated transition from All New to Uncanny X-Men in which Bendis has allowed both teams to recognize their purpose. In this issue of Uncanny X-Men, we now have more progression towards Cyclops’ revolution.

All starting with putting more focus on the new mutants who are making that transition from their once normal lives to X-Men. It was surprising actually to see that Fabio remained with the team, that really made his rescue feel genuine in the previous issue. Bendis shows his understanding of X-Men and that translate onto paper and Scott, Magik, and Emma teach them what it means to be mutants. It’s one of those moments you like to see emphasized when the dust settles from battle.

The best thing about this story is that it feels like a train wreck. Let me be specific, as in you know that this story is full of twists, turns ad bumps. Yet you know that someone like Scott would be able to rise to the occasion. Rise past the blame, the hate, the attacking sentinels, S.H.I.E.L.D., and even Magneto whose actions are still very questionable because they once again find themselves in a situation when they are ill prepared. It may be Magneto who is putting the enemy one step ahead, but whoever is behind it all is one thorn in their side that needs to be dealt with.

The art style of Frazer Irving is what I come to prefer most with this book because it somehow it just fits the story most. That is aside from the color work he does and he has one of the most amazing senses of design and storytelling I’ve ever come across.

Score: 8.3/10