Ultimate Comics X-Men #30

Written by: Brian Wood
Art by: Alvaro Martinez

World War X part 2 kicks off with the start of the war. The transition from against the world to against each other has been the best story decision that Brian Wood could have made. They have their freedom, but now it’s their choice as to what they should do with it. Different views will obviously lead to conflict and that is what this shows.

This situation has been handled with respect for what it means to be a mutant. Despite the progress the mutants make towards equality in the 616 Universe, here we see what happens when someone takes a more pro-active role in the world and really sends a message. Not to mention the focus on Jean and Kitty really is something to respect. It’s not the same Charles vs Magneto argument. This is two people who Brian has shown to have that conviction and motivation for change. It’s still their approach that sets them apart, but in this very scenario it’s about who provides what is best for their people. I mean Kitty is the hero, but they both still have the best of intentions which is what makes this so intense for both sides. It’s not just fighting to keep their freedom, it’s fighting to determine what is done with it. That is setting the stakes higher than they could imagine.

The best thing to come out of this so far is that no one is playing the victim. Not one of them is letting their ideology get in the way of what they have built, The pacing continues to be the most consistent element of this book and it has done it’s part in putting every character that matters where they need to be just for this very moment. This is the mutant war to end all mutant wars as Jean said and this is one story you should be following if you are a fan of the Ultimate Universe.

Score: 8.4/10