“Superior Spider-Man Team-Up” #2 Review

The Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #2

Written By: Christopher Yost
Art By: Marco Checchetto

Boasting delectably arrogant narration from Otto Octavius, The Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #2 is a great improvement from last issue. While the story gets messy with the inclusion of too many other characters in the latter half, the driving relationship between Otto and Kaine makes for a mostly strong read.

The issue starts off  with Otto narrating why he is in fact the “Superior” Spider-Man. Yost masters the voice of a prick that you can’t help but root for, and I think that’s because he’s acting out the fantasy of every Spider-Man fan –  living in Peter Parker’s shoes.

A lot of the fun of this set up is Otto’s reaction to friends and foes of Spidey, and getting an inside track on his past with those characters, like this issue, with Kaine (AKA Scarlet Spider). Seeing the development of their relationship from brawling to becoming begrudging allies is well-crafted, but the inclusion of the Jackal and giant spiders distracts from the issue’s core relationship.

Checchetto adds a gritty flair to the book, perfect for the egotistical edge of Otto. Action is rapid, and Kaine getting thrown out a window by Otto comes with a shock, made fully effective with the dynamics on the page during their fight.

Fulfilling its role as a fun team up with a magnetically egotistical lead and confused partner, The Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #2 is worth a read, despite its clunky characters in the second half of the issue.

Score: 7.8/10