Trinity of Sin – Pandora #3 Review

Trinity of Sin – Pandora #3

Written by: Ray Fawkes
Art by: Daniel Sampere

I have to say that of everything tied into the Trinity War, Pandora has been the most disappointing. Not because of her actual involvement in this story, but just the approach to her finding a solution to the sins. It has created a very anti-climatic atmosphere that really has a delusion towards self-realization.

Since the beginning it has left me with questions wondering how someone could live as long as Pandora, learn so much, and have so much power, yet not know what to do with it. How it took till this very minute for Pandora to realize what she had to do in order to stop the sins. Why that with everything that exists in this world, Pandora’s story is so hard for many to believe and take seriously. These questions alone are enough to harm this book because it does nothing to make her situation convincing. You feel as though her confusion is forced and that is a problem when you realize yourself what should be happening before it actually does. Where I felt sympathy for Pandora because of her past, I felt nothing now due to how her character approaches the conflict.

Sure you could be happy that things finally start moving in the direction in which they should, though it took way too long. Especially for this book to be in its third issue. It’s hard to say this was decent at best, but it still has it’s importance in moving this event along knowing the core storyline is not going to be dragged along or dragged down by this.

Score: 7.1/10