Journey Into Mystery #655

Written By: Kathryn Immonen
Art By: Valerio Schiti

Journey Into Mystery #655 is an emotionally moving and thrilling experience. It reaches greater depths than the already stellar previous issues, and offers a deserving conclusion to a landmark series.

This issue is the kind of story that comments on the human experience and how it’s reflected in storytelling. Sif and Bill’s relationship is layered with subtlety and banter, showing the heartwarming side to warriors, and the compromises anyone needs to make for a relationship to work. Their certainty in each other is admirable, illustrated in the scene where Bill asks if Sif will wish him luck and she simply answers, “no.”

They don’t turn into emotional softies by the end, but Bill comes to understand that both life and love have their unsolvable problems that must be nurtured. While it’s Sif that teaches him this lessons, through to the very end, she remains a badass and prefers her rough Asgardian life style to any other.

Schiti excels at the wonder and scale of the issue, which takes place mostly in space. The smiles worn by Sif and Bill as they launch through space for their final battle inspires the reader to tackle their problems with confidence.

Journey Into Mystery #655 is an exceptional superhero comic that inspires with its strong characters and honest messages. After being worked under the talented hands of Immonen and Schiti, Journey Into Mystery will be sorely missed.

Score: 9.8/10