Quantum And Woody #3 Review

Quantum And Woody #3

Written by: James Asmus
Art by: Tom Fowler

They say this is the worst superhero team and they were not lying. Quantum and Woody may definitely prove to be the shining stars to me that Valiant has to offer. One of the most unconventional books I’ve read to date on top of the fact that it’s humor is guaranteed. Two brothers of a different race, one stiff, the other nonchalant, and given powers they cannot comprehend.

This is a book that you can take seriously, but the book doesn’t take itself seriously. In every sense of the word hero and what it stands for, Quantum and Woody have failed at it. It fights against that status quo of super-heroics and has fun with it. I don’t think for a second I was not amused when I turned the page and that is how every book out there should strive to achieve. It’s not about making a masterpiece, but making something that you can genuinely say you enjoyed. Quantum and Woody is that book and I really got that feeling from this issue.

Even being a humorous story, it’s well crafted having all the elements of any other comic you would pick up off the shelf. Motivation, villains, character depth, no stone is left unturned. It helps also that the way they are drawn to react to everything going on around them. Sure there is only really detail when there’s something or someone in focus, but when there’s a focus it looks much better.

The humor between Quantum and Woody in terms of their upbringing is what really took me by surprise. This is a book that many have been raving about being hilarious and you’d think it’s just about being ridiculous like Deadpool, but the writing is too smart for that. The characters play off of each other and just the fact that they are brothers, technically,  makes it that much more engaging. The argument about racial jokes really was handled perfectly. Any other person would have probably relied on being offensive to make something pertaining to race funny, but James Asmus found a way to do so subtlety. Woody isn’t the brightest light-bulb and Eric being the smart one creates that tension knowing in which he doesn’t see the humor that Woody thrives from.

There are many books that Valiant has which are of high quality, but if you want to get a legitimate laugh? Quantum And Woody is the book that you should be reading. They are established heroes in their own right and show that progression towards that transition even if they aren’t good for the job. Quantum And Woody has a lot of potential and is one that you should anticipate every time it hits the shelves.

Score: 9.4/10