The Bounce #5 Review

The Bounce #5

Written by: Joe casey
Art by: David Messina

Reality starts to set in for Jasper as he sees the world for what it is. Joe Casey has created a world so grounded that the emergence of those with powers is not something to be accepted so easily. Especially with what those with them have done already, it is impossible to create a positive image without having labels already tagged on you. This isn’t a traditional comic tale and there are actually consequences for actions. That is what this issue has displayed.

As I’ve said before, this is a story where you have seen things for what it is and question of act of saving the world, and saving the world from itself. What we see is a question as to whether it is right for people to wear costumes and act as vigilantes. Is the world ready for the emergence of superheroes? Let alone the idea that people can have powers? If anything this issue has shown how they are willing to handle those like him who they view as criminals. With any story such as this which introduces the idea of superhereos, it always comes at a price. Whether having powers or not, you are seen as a threat and would be handled the same as any other criminal out there, even put down with more hostility.

The only issue is that while things are making sense, things that are explained somewhat lack clarity. Everything involving the military at this point feels like something you have no interest in until they show some relevance, in which they still have not. The best explanation we have so far is finding out how to get to this other dimension, which we now know is called The Sauterne. And with that we are to expect a deeper exploration of the dimension which is the source for all their powers in the real world.

The style of The Sauterne remains the most creative and unique aspect of this story. Always looking inverted, vibrant, and conceptual with nothing looking solid. Besides this Messina shows to have great structure over the male and female anatomy, allowing him to properly deliver on that mature nature of this book.

Overall good pacing as the story continues to unfold. The rules of this world are set, we are now to be properly introduced to the other world, and everything is slowly falling into place as the once confusing story is easier to make sense of. If you had dropped this book because you were lost, definitely stay with it because you might like what you find an understanding.

Score: 8.1/10