“Daredevil” #31 Review

Daredevil #31

Written By: Mark Waid
Art By: Chris Samnee


Daredevil #31 is packed with a ton of cool character moments from Mark Waid’s script and sentimental visuals behest of the insanely-talented Chris Samnee. A lot of the character work however doesn’t feel motivated enough by the plot, but instead the inclusion of Jester and Hank Pym feel arbitrary.

Waid creates a realistic and compelling drama between Matt and Foggy. He shows Foggy’s admiration and inspiration from Matt when he leads a cancer support group. When Foggy tells a fellow survivor that “fearlessness is contagious” you really feel the emotional beat with Samnee’s repetition of panels. Waid creates a realistic dynamic, in that Matt is still pissed when he finds out Foggy requested Kristen McDuffie to replace him.

There’s a clever allegory to the Zimmerman trial that fits the cultural messages and weight of the book. The Jester’s involvement, however, isn’t so natural. Matt deduces how the Jester is the culprit a little too easily, even though the character vaguely fits the description of the crime.

The choice to include Hank Pym also feels arbitrary at first, but really pays off with a rousing climax where Pym stops a riot by releasing a cloud of ants. The weight of the moment is immense, thanks to Samnee’s creation of suspense with the riot’s reaction and eventual fall.

The use of Jester and Pym turned out to be great choices, but there wasn’t enough reason why they couldn’t be replaced by other characters in the issue. Still, Daredevil #31 is a moving story that portrays layered relationships, complex moral dilemmas and emotional resonance in its visuals.

Score: 8.0/10