Ghost Games Details Customisation, Penalty System and Crash System In Need For Speed Rivals

Need for Speed Rivals developer Ghost Games has revealed some of the changes it’ll be making to this year’s entry into the franchise.

With Rivals, customisations of the player’s cars forms an integral part of the overall experience. “We know personalization is big feature that our fans have been asking for and this is only the beginning,” writes the developer. Customisation comes in three parts according to the developer. Cosmetic customisation will allow players to alter the look of their cars right down to the rims and the license plates.

The second is the cars’ performances which would require players to build custom engines. The third part is what you can add to falter your opponents. Ghost gave the example of spike strips to puncture your rivals tyres.

Using the Frostbite 3 engine, Rivals will be able show players the damage on their cars. In addition, a damage meter has also been added so players will know when they’re about to wipe out. This is a step up from the last series’ crash system which restarted players after they had crashed into other cars.

“Whether you are playing the cop or racer side of the career you’ll earn Speed Points in the game. As a racer, you’ll do this by completing items on your SpeedList and the longer you stay out in the world the larger the multiplier you’ll achieve to gain those Points even faster. But, here’s the trick, if you don’t bank your points in your Safe House and a cop busts you, it will be taken away. As a cop, it’s simple you earn points by busting AI and player-controlled racers or by completing your Assignments. We think this added level of high stakes racing will really add new excitement to racing games.”

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