Occultist #1 Review

Occultist #1

Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Mike Norton

How many books out there can manage to creep you out in the first issue? The Occultist #1 surely did and it is a thrilling tale of the horrors that can haunt our world. When they said demon babies, they were not joking and the combined effort of Seeley and Norton made that something to get excited for.

While you would have expected a backstory to begin this adventure, you could easily respect that Seeley took us straight into the action as we see what it is that Rob does as the Occultist. A college student who wields a powerful artifact in the form of a book called Sword, he defends the world from mystics and creatures that have returned from he dark veil of death. You may find him easy to like as a pretty ordinary young adult dealing with average issues like love and purpose. Simple story with the added layers to it involving those around him who are his allies and those who are his enemies that he is not aware of. Overall the story leaves you with many questions than answers and that’s good enough of a reason to show this has potential to grow instead of having everything laid out in front of you from the start. It’s mature and doesn’t take itself too serious, enough for you to find entertaining within the graphic nature.

You really do feel the mystic atmosphere of this book, if not for the display of powers the Occultist has at his disposal and those of the others involved in this story as well. Everything astral stands out, the demon babies were something to fear, to the symbols and signs which looked very legitimate in terms of magic.

The story doesn’t do anything big as an introduction which may be a reason to question if it’s something to invest your time in, though if you want a story that takes advantage of the mixed elements of a superhero and horror story this is for you. Give it a try and you won’t regret it.

Score: 8.3/10