Uncanny Avengers #12

Written by: Rick Remender
Art by: Salvador Larroca

The Uncanny Avengers find themselves fighting an uphill battle. The Apocalypse twins, their horsemen, Red Skull, powerhouses on every front that have them with their backs against the walls and left with few options. While you could easily feel overwhelmed you still are found drawn in just because you want to see how they will overcome these obstacles.

A lot of the drive for this story which I like comes from the Apocalypse twins’ past. There is so much emotion from it that while you don’t agree with their methods, you do sympathize for them seeing what they had to go through growing up and treated at the hands of Kang. Their characterization and development throughout has been done very well, they make this story gripping as they have the best of intentions, yet have questionable approaches to solutions. This goes for Havok and Wasp who since they met have been creating a possible relationship, one that seems so much more positive than when she was with Pym. Remender really knows how to work this teams dynamic and it’s at their time of trial that they really depend on each other.

Overall what keeps this story going strong is the conflict of interest for the mutant population. This has always been from the perspective of the Avengers and how they see the issue at hand. It is their time to do something right and that is what we get here. A chance to make up for how much they ignored the mutant problems, a chance to seek redemption for acts against the mutants, and a chance to stop a future that may not have mutants all together.

Score: 8.6/10