Wolverine & the X-Men #36

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Giuseppe Camunculi

Things are finally picking up in part 5 of Battle of The Atom! Some worried that Uncanny X-Men #12 was a sign that the story was dragging on, but it was a set up for what happens now and once again you see the potential this story holds with some added twists. Where Wolverine & The X-Men has been questionable on its own, as a tie-in, this is one issue worth picking up.

While not the fight we have been waiting for, it was a well executed conflict, especially seeing young Jean, Emma, and the Cuckoos take on future Jean. That was the highlight of this issue because not only did it look awesome as they fought psychically, but it was very intense knowing that they each gave it their all. The only problem I saw was that both Kitty and Rachael did nothing new and basically continued from where they left off before. Aside from this it was good to get back to Cyclops vs Wolverine because that is what created this schism in the first place and how they felt about each other at this moment needed to be addressed.

While it was pretty obvious that there is more to the supposed future X-Men’s story than what’s on the surface, it’s great that a second story was able to develop as to finding out what it is. I mean what’s the harm in more time jumping when time is already broken right? Well now everything is not as it seems, and where we thought we may have been getting some answers, we are left with more questions that should eventually lead to what the main point of this plot. We just have to hope that this crossover can maintain the momentum it’s building now because anything less could be harmful and of course interest might be lost given something this big is a gamble.

Score: 8.2/10