Miss Fury #6 Review

Miss Fury #6

Written by: Rob Williams
Art by: Marcio Abreu

Miss Fury now deals with the pain of loss. Just when things seemed like they turned around for her, one action cost her everything at the end of the last issue. Now time is paying games with her again, and it’s certainly taking its toll. Action, time travel, time wars, knights, drama, what more could you ask for?

The way Rob Willaims handles time travel is very interesting. At first it was just jumping between the future and past, now we have Marla finding herself lost in a different timeline. While it doesn’t all make sense, he sells each moment with how she reacts to it. This isn’t something she or us understand and that is what makes the situation so intense. Unfamiliar territory is consistently crossed and enough of that could drive anyone insane, especially when it affects their personal life. You see this through her expressions and the pain she felt from the headaches the displacement caused her.

Her personality is something which was perfectly displayed here. Seeing just how confident she is in who she is, never letting something so trivial stop her from getting the job done. That is why you read this book, she has so much drive that nothing can stop her unless she lets it. Manipulative, resourceful, tactical, everything she took advantage of by remembering who she was and why this puts her in a position of power. As a female lead, it’s very admirable that Williams shows so much understanding of her character. Beyond this Miss Fury never feels as if she doesn’t have an intimidating presence, which is something Abreu captures intensely.

Score: 8.7/10