Guardians of The Galaxy #6

Written by: Neil Gaiman
Art by: Sara Pichelli

Fun issue, but overall this did nothing at all. Learned nothing new about Angela, and Thanos was explaining things we already knew from a month ago at least. This issue would have been very effective if it came out earlier thought right now you would have even forgotten it had any ties to Infinity till it actually released.

The only redeeming part of this issue was the fight between the Guardians and Angela. We get to see just why she is as fearsome as they make her out to be. She handles them very well by herself and the fight was very graceful for one that takes place in space. Sara Pichelli’s layout for the fight scene is to thank for this. Their movements were very fluent and the body structures are done very well. Just that aside from this things could have been better, even to hear Angela say more than just “Demon!”, which was random. The Watcher as well felt out-of-place when there are more pressing events taking place that he could be watching. Picky yes, but when the whole issue feels out-of-place that becomes a problem.

It was an entertaining issue overall, despite nothing much happening that you really were already aware of. Again it would have been great but the timing of the issue’s release is very late. I want to feel that Angela really has some importance to this event and for them to only get back to her now makes you question if that is really the case at this point. There could have even been a better approach to this.

Score: 7.2/10