Infinity Heist #1

Written by: Frank Tieri
Art by: Al Barrionuevo

An interesting attempt at showing Infinity from a different perspective, one of villains. Heist is a great distraction from everything world threatening and one that you don’t have to take as serious as the rest tied to it.

This story centers around two lesser known villains, Whirlwind and Blizzard. It’s nice to see that they decided to go for lesser villains than those who are more popular. There’s a lot more room and potential for characterization than them fighting for the spotlight. The biggest difference between this and other books is that it is a lot more grounded, Tieri gives you a more street level story that shows you what happens when the Avengers aren’t around to keep the peace. What stands out more than anything is the clean style of the art. Seeing some characters like Whiplash who resembles his movie counterpart, and overall the anatomy of the characters is on point.

Only problem is at the very end with a twist that throws you off just a bit. Hopefully we don’t lose a main character this early, and I hope that the explanation is good enough to satisfy a reason to keep reading this mini series. Creating such stories like this is the one thing that Infinity has provided the Marvel Universe. We get to see characters that haven’t been seen in a while and they are given some relevance, even if it is just for this short time.

Score: 8.2/10