Young Avengers #10 Review

Young Avengers #10

Written by: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Mike Norton and Jamie McKelvie

Things are now looking bad for the Young Avengers. Took long enough to really feel there was a threat, but now everything falls into place and things get serious. Gillen did right by adding some character to Mother and Patriot, even if Patriot is still vague. It continues to have that creepy vibe to it and a lot of this comes from the world that Mother lives in. Gives you chills because she’s still very unpredictable.

Loki and Leah are the two that really start to stick out in this story. Both have their motivations, but they also have their past together which puts them at odds and conflict of interest. The only issue I have is that while we finally see the side of Loki that we have expected since he lost himself to his older self, there still is no line between that side of Loki and the one which we are more familiar with from Journey Into Mystery. That Loki was the one we see now and I would like to see a more serious Loki at the same time that shows the difference between the two. Maybe more internal conflict as well as we only saw one panel of the two.

Aside from this, it was clever that Gillen was able to bring in all these people who have history with the Young Avengers, even one like Ultimate Nullifier who is from a different dimension. They all have obvious reasons to confront them and that is something you want to see occur knowing it’s just one threat that they face of others they are still running from.

This is a great start of a new story arc because the book gained that sense of humor which was lost some time ago. That was what really made this one of the more entertaining books to read. And for once it didn’t rely on just Loki to accomplish this. Mother you find so much more interesting now that you know why she is after Billy and how she and Loki were apparently connected. More so in the very beginning when you see how that random person was spying on her and her reaction to it.

Score: 8.7/10