Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #27 Review

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #27

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: David Marquez

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #27 literally takes back to old school heroics. Just good guys taking on bad guys, that is what we got here as they fought off the Ultimate Taskmaster who is just as dangerous if not more than the one we are most familiar with.

Bendis gave us something that we haven’t seen from many books these days. Everything has been so plot driven that sometimes you forget that you could have fun issues like this where there is that one villain you have to take out before he does the same to you first. Where he promised back at SDCC where we could expect a team to form, mainly one comprised of young heroes, he delivered on this. Everything since Miles put his mask back on and built up to this moment and it was very exciting to see that we have new heroes in the Ultimate Universe. The dynamic between all of them was well executed and it was fun to see how they had to find out just what it was they were up against with Taskmaster being the real deal as far as villains go.

The narration between Spider-Woman and Spider-Man was clever as they both were finding their footing in this fight. The anger, confusion, self-motivation, everything that could make their situation feel more convincing.

The best thing about this issue was seeing Miles basically warming up to being Spider-Man again. A lot of these stunt he hasn’t pulled in over a year and he is very rusty. It shows and this was all about that progression as he got back into the groove of things. Everything was fluent in terms of the transitions of the fight sequences, and how lively it felt seeing them all over the place. Marquez does an amazing job and makes everything look as real as he possibly can make them.

Score: 9/10