Avengers #20 Review

Avengers #20

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Leinil Francis Yu

Here we get a different perspective on the war and more from what we saw in Infinity #3. While Infinity has an overall good pacing, it’s good that those such as Avengers and New Avengers can still show you what happens in between certain moments that hold significance. There is so much to this event and this issue alone gives you a better understanding of what’s in store for us.

We got to see what happened during the rescue mission for the rest of the Avengers and the hard choices they all face after their temporary victory. It is issues like this that makes you believe that it’s really a war, seeing the tactical prowess of Cap being taken advantage of as the fight is far from over. Hickman remains very mysterious with his intent, yet is straight forward with the characters motivations. You know what the council has in mind, you know what is really going through the heads of the Builders, and now we know the mystery behind why Ex Nihilo and Abyss are so special. In this specific moment, Yu did an amazing job with designing the Exs, so much variety between them showing the magnitude of the situation. Everything connects and with every question answered you can see where the end game is that Hickman is setting this up for.

In general you have to appreciate how direct this storyline is. Not once does it every divert from the issue at hand, and it manages to throw surprises at you at every turn. The very end you would not have seen coming. Given everything that has occurred, and the pride of those involved, what Cap decides as their next move is one that will have a big impact on this event.

Score: 8.5/10