We Asked, You Answered: Most Wanted Next Gen Games

For over a month now, Analog Addiction has been issuing a poll, asking you what next generation games do you plan on purchasing, day-one. As such, below you’ll find your top three most wanted PlayStation 4 and/or Xbox One games.

3. Battlefield 4

We start our top three list with Electronic Arts’ multiplayer-focused Battlefield 4. This new military first person shooter – available on both the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One – promises to change the entire military scene by introducing its fanbase to several new additions, one of which includes the highly regarded “levolution” gameplay mechanic. This particular addition allows players to drastically alter the game’s maps, like bringing down an entire skyscraper, flooding a whole town, or kicking up a massive sand storm.

Other features include a counter-knife ability, tired reloading, the return of the Commander mode, and a slew of new customisation options. Of course, you’ll also find a ton of new vehicles – on land, sea, or air – alongside new weapons and attachments. All these are running in spectacular 60 frames per second, which is a first for console versions of the Battlefield franchise.

2. Killzone: Shadowfall

Our countdown continues with Killzone: Shadowfall, another first person shooter, this one being more futuristic and “more exclusive,” since it’s only available on Sony’s PlayStation 4. Its first reveal back in February left everyone in awe, simply because of how gorgeous it looks. Besides the marvellous technical aspects (running in 60 FPS, and in 1080p), Shadowfall features a new story, new weapons, as well as a brand-new addition to the franchise: the OWL. This little companion is an advanced hovering attack drone, capable of firing, being used as a zip-line, shielding you from attacks, and hacking various terminals.

1. Watch Dogs

Frankly, your #1 most anticipated next-gen game doesn’t surprise us at all, simply because we would probably choose it as well. Ubisoft’s brand-new IP, Watch Dogs – available on the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One – promises to deliver us uncompromising control over the citizens and machines of its own version of Chicago. Players take the role of Aiden Pearce, a former thug turned vigilante which is capable of hacking and manipulating every cellphone, camera, street-light… basically every computer in town. Couple that with the ability to fire guns, getting into fistfights, recklessly driving everything in sight, sneaking around etc., and you have the recipe for an incredible crossover between Assassin’s Creed and Grand Theft Auto.

On top of all these, the game also features a multiplayer mode akin to the Souls series, in which you can invade other people’s Chicago, being able to either help, or hinder their progress. Also, if you haven’t seen Person of Interest, I suggest you do it, not only because it’s a great show, but also because Watch Dogs seems to be heavily influenced by it.

That’s all from our poll, but if you feel like these aren’t necessarily your first choices, by all means, let us know what you plan on buying in the comments below.