Quantum and Woody #4 Review

Quantum and Woody #4

Written by: James Asmus
Art by: Tom Fowler

A race against the clock to get the drop on the mysterious force behind his father’s death, and do so before they fall apart, Quantum and Woody manage to pull off another miracle. Up to now there has been a lot of tension between them, and now we get a clearer picture as to what led to this. James Asmus again shows us how he can take something serious and still make you laugh. When you generalize a hero as unconventional, this very well falls in that category.

This was yet again another fun issue as with their backs against the wall, Quantum and Woody show you why they are the worst team out there. Not because they aren’t cut for the job, but for the fact that they don’t take anything seriously, well more so Woody. It’s great seeing how Quantum is so troubled and the stick in the mud while Woody is nonchalant caring mostly about girls than his own life. Something which aided in taking us back to the past where that drift between the two was explained. This was basically that key part of the story in which molds them into the team they are expected to become, even if they still aren’t so good at it. Some mysteries were explained such as how their father died, and more questions were posed that set us up for more to come.

While the first appearance of Goat was something hyped up, I would have loved to see a bit more from him. He surely did kicked ass and is someone to fear even being an animal, that much can be said.

The layout of the story I really liked because parts of the story are broken down in a way that transitions them smoothly. When it is either changing perspective or setting you have that black bar that separates them in a way that you also know what the focus is. This issue has that gritty feel to it, and it’s aided by a lot of disturbing imagery that is easy to draw a reaction from.

Score: 8.5/10