Green Hornet #6

Written by: Mark Waid
Art by: Ronilson Freire

Things have taken a dark turn, that much can be said when you read this issue. In light of this we can at least say that Green Hornet and Kato are back together. The one fear that many had was wondering how long they would be apart and the story is a lot more appealing when they work as a team. Luckily Mark Waid did not keep us waiting on that.

This of course doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing. Waid made sure to emphasize why Kato left, which is because he doesn’t approve of Green Hornet’s methods. Here we got to see classic detective work from Green Hornet as he made his rounds about to get the information he needed. Of course sticking to his same act as he used intimidation to make sure they believe he’s not out trying to be a hero. This story has hit an all time low, in terms of gore that is. Seeing what lengths these men would go to in order to cover up their misdeeds. Very sickening scene they created with all those men who work for them that they found so expendable.

With a target now on Green Hornet’s back, finding the master minds behind these murders has never been more urgent. Waid has set this up as to see who can deal the better hand and if Hornet’s pockets run deep enough he just may be able to get a step ahead of them before it’s too late to pin the crimes on them. We’ll just have to see how long Reid can go before he does something he’ll actually regret.

Score: 8.2/10